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What Can Teleseminars Do for You as An Author?

If you're an author or aspiring author, I suspect you'd love to find a way to:

 sell books by the hundreds ... right from your home

 create highly profitable speaking engagements without traveling all over the country

 write your book--and other money-making info products--from scratch, easily and quickly

 build your platform and gain celebrity status in your field, enough to attract a mainstream publisher

If I told you there was a proven system to do all these things, and that you could get started now, with only an investment of $20--would you be interested?

Then please read through this web page, because I will tell you how a whole new way of sharing your message is possible and, indeed, is the wave of the future.

You will also learn how you can get personalized training from me so that you can start your book, monetize your message, and get amazing exposure in less time than you thought possible.

“What exactly is a teleseminar?” you ask ...


It’s really a conference call with dozens or hundreds of people on the line listening to your every word. These calls are surprisingly cheap (as in free usually) and easy to set up. All you do is contact a company that offers telephone conferencing services. They’ll give you a phone number you and your guests can call to be merged together at a mutually agreed upon time.


"Why on earth would I want to do a teleseminar?"

(Hint: because it’s the easiest way to sell books / products

and make a lot of money very quickly)


Let me ask you a question. Would you turn down an extra $1,000-5,000.00 a month of extra income for just a few hours of work? Well, that’s what you’re doing right now, if you’re not doing teleseminars based on your area of expertise.



What Publishers are Looking For—and How Teleseminars Help You Prove You Have What They Want


Publishing with a mainstream publisher is getting more and more competitive these days. Many people believe it's impossible to break in as a new author.


That's not true. There are ways to prove to a publisher you are worthy of being



You have to build what's called a "platform." You have to prove you have an audience, people who want what you have to offer.


Teleseminars provide a way of building that platform. In fact ...


It’s Like Having Your Own Radio Talk Show … Only Better!


Like a radio host, you can interview authors and experts and answer questions from listeners. You can even record the call and make it available on the Internet.


When people hear you on a teleseminar, they feel like they know you. They hear your heart and your passion. 


Teleseminars are such an intimate way to communicate that you’ll soon start feeling like the folks on your calls are part of your extended family. You’ll be taking them under your wing and helping them implement the expertise you share with them.


I've experienced that myself, and have come to treasure it.


Because I’m not just in the business of publishing information. I’m in the business of changing people’s lives. You are too if you’re offering something of significant value.


Teleseminars have given me a way to help a lot of people and make more money in a few weeks than I made all year from book royalties!


Taking Alex Mandossian's training was what made the difference. I learned from one of the best trainers I've come across. 


Now, you too have a rare opportunity to …


Let Alex Show You How to Get Started Step-By-Step
With His “Teleseminar Secrets Tele-Course”


On December 3, Alex Mandossian will conduct a Preview Call for the whole course. This call is excellent training in and of itsself, so I strongly encourage you to sign up for it.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • 8 unique advantages of teleseminars over other marketing methods 
  • embarrassing mistakes most telemarketers make DURING their teleseminars and how you can avoid them 
  • 9 common mistakes most telemarketers make BEFORE teleseminars and how to easily side-step them forever 
  • Alex's 7-Step Plan to quickly triple your passive income as an "Tele-Interviewer" of industry leaders 
  • 4 closely-guarded teleseminar Case Studies that generated 6-figure profits with little human effort. (This was the best part of the call for me. These strategies will help me and my clients overcome many frustrations and sell much more with much less effort.) 
  • 5 core attributes to find low-cost reliable vendors for sales copy, winning website designs and much more 
  • 11 little-known, low-cost secrets so you will repeatedly and automatically build your own highly responsive online list(s)from scratch! 
  • And much, much, much more!! (Alex is famous for "over-delivering--and last year he did! That call was four and a half hours.) 

The Preview Call takes place on Thursday,  December 3. Plan for at least 2 hours--this is real training. You will also be able to get the recording to review later (or if you miss the live call). There will be an Action Guide for note taking.


The call is $99--but you won't pay that. With my $79 VIP discount, you can attend and get the recording for only $20--just click here.


 My personal Preview Call Bonus:


 Just for signing up for the Preview Call, you get a free teleseminar strategy session that will apply the Preview Call information specifically to being an author. I teach you how to create your book from teleseminars but--more important--how to use teleseminars to build a platform that will sell your books and--quite possibly--attract a mainstream publisher who will pay you a hefty advance to publish you.

With the 2+ hours of Alex's training (he says it's less, but he always over delivers--last year it was 3.5 hours!), plus my 60-minute follow-up session, for only $20, you're paying 13.5 CENTS PER MINUTE or less for this training. I don't see how it gets any better than this....

Let me sign up for the call now, please!


Sign up for the Course and Get ...

Alex Mandossian's Bonuses:

$15,700 Value
$15,300 Value
$5,000 Value

$4,500 Value

$3,800 Value

$2,900 Value
TSS access to one "Study Buddy"* $2,497 Value
$1,800 Value
$240 Value
Your Free Bonus Gift Total
$51,737 Value!


Sign Me Up for Teleseminar Secrets 2010 now.


My Bonuses

when you sign up for the whole Teleseminar Secrets course: 



In addition to the nearly $52,000 in bonuses you will get from Alex, when you sign up for Teleseminar Secrets through this link (which is the only way I can track it), you will get some extra bonuses through me. 


Here's what you will get from me:    


Bonus #1:   For the first 3 people only: I will conduct your Virtual Book Tour for you. (In the Teleseminar Secrets course, you will learn how to do this and will get all the Web templates to set it up yourself.  If you get in on the QA, Alex will also be able to coach you on any questions. You will have everything you need to set up your Ask campaign. You supply me with the questions, I’ll do the interview—as I’ve done for several bestselling authors already. Details at www.virtualbooktourexpert.com.) I will also mail to whichever of my lists are compatible with your subject matter. Includes "What to Do After the VBT to Continue to Promote Your Book." (Value: $2200+)


Bonus #2:  For all who sign up for the course and also signed up for the Preview Call from www.teleseminarsecretspreview.com, I'll rebate your $20. (You must send me a copy of your receipt via email.) 


Bonus #3:  Two strategy sessions to apply what you're learning specifically to being an author. As you'll notice even from the promotional pages for Teleseminar Secrets, Alex is speaking to an audience of entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers, as well as authors. Midway through Alex's calls, and at the end, I will give you some further training on how to tie in this information specifically to your book marketing and repurposing of your book's content. You will be able to ask me your specific questions, and I will answer them, as well as teach you specific ways you as an author can both market your book and turn your content into income-generating products. (at least $300 value) 


Bonus #4: Free Jump Start Your Book: 12 Questions You Must Answer to Write a Book that Sells Tool Kit.   Not only will you get all the information from the Manual and Workbook, but you will also get the two training audios, "How to Start an Information Product from Scratch" and "How to Write Irresistible Queries and Book Proposals." These audio training sessions are only available to those who get Jump Start Your Book. In addition, you will get the full hour of follow-up coaching, which normally costs an additional $47. (More details on Jump Start here.) ($144 value)


Bonus #5: Author Success Plan course. Five meaty lessons on “The A-B-C’s of Becoming a Successful Author” that you won’t find ANYONE else teaching, because I go much deeper than the typical how-tos, and it’s based on what works in the real world and the current publishing environment, not on empty promises. I only charge $5 now, because I want as many people to get it as possible, but it’s worth at least $50. 


Bonus #6:  My personal checklists , which I use to streamline everything I do before, during, and after a teleseminar. These checklists will guide you step by step with everything you need to do, everything you need to have in place. The value is the price of your time saved, not to mention mistakes avoided! (Value: whatever your time is worth)


Bonus #7: "How to Choose Your Bestselling Title" Special Report. Shows you how to choose a great title, where to find title ideas, how to test your title, and more. ($14.95 value)


Bonus #8: Writing Secrets Revealed class. This class shows you "How to Write Your Book in 45 Minutes a Day or Less (Even If You Think You're Not a Writer)."  ($14.95 value)



Alex's bonuses: $51,737
My bonuses: $2697
Total: $54,434

Your investment: $2497

Total Return on Investment: 2018%


This bonus training will enable you to start your book, monetize your message, and get personalized training. Along with what you will learn from Alex ... well, let's just say that 2010 could be the year you will look back on and say, "That was the best investment I ever made. That was the year my life changed." 


If you are at all interested in using the power of your voice to communicate your message to the world ...  


if you are ready to get started on a whole new adventure of discovering exciting ways to make your words profit you, your audience, and the world ...   


you owe it to yourself to at least listen to Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets Preview Call for a mere $20. (Make sure you use the VIP promo code AM3964.) 


Then, if this is the time for you to invest in your message--if 2010 is your year to quit talking and dreaming about getting your message out and actually doing it--then invest the time and money in the Teleseminar Secrets course.  


While I can't guarantee it will turn your life around--it's up to you whether you'll do anything with it, after all--I can say with confidence that the potential is there. More than you can dream now.  


Alex Mandossian turned his yearly income into monthly income in 3 years. I am on my way to doing that in two years. What about you? 


Sign up now for Teleseminar Secrets! 







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