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Are You Ready for a Book Coach? 

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For a wide variety of reasons, not everyone is ready to be coached. Coaching requires time, commitment, and a willingness to change and grow. Book coaching is about being willing to put in the time, energy, and other resources to create the book you know you have inside you.. If you determine that you’re ready, email Diane Eble at

Check each item that is True for you at this time. Once finished, score yourself using the key at the bottom of the page.  

 1.    I can commit to keeping my regularly scheduled appointment with my coach, even if it means having to reschedule an appointment.    

 2.    My coach can count on me to always tell the truth, even when it's painful to the coach or me. 

 3.    I am ready to begin eliminating negative patterns that have been holding me back. 

 4.    I understand that in coaching, the "client does the work," not the coach. I will complete all my assignments so that I can make measurable progress. 

 5.    I am open and ready to try new ideas in both my business and personal life. 

 6.    I like investing in myself and see coaching as a long-term investment in helping me reach my goals. 

 7.    Coaching works in small, incremental steps over time. I feel comfortable knowing that writing a good book takes time. I understand that while my coach will assist me each step of the way, there is no "magic formula" for creating a quality book overnight.  

 8.    If something is not working in my relationship with my coach, I will let my coach know immediately so we can immediately take action to improve the situation. 

 9.    I have adequate funds to pay for coaching without feeling guilty or resentful about the coaching fee. 

 10. I'm looking for a partner who can share my successes and help me cope with my challenges. I will expect progress, not perfection, of myself. 

 11. I'm willing to take full responsibility for the success of my book (i.e. not depending on a publisher or other professional to make my book a success). 

 12. I'm willing to see myself not just as a writer, but as a marketer of my valuable message. As such, I am willing to learn new strategies for getting that message across. I understand my coach will always work within the framework of my unique strengths so that marketing will be as easy and enjoyable as possible. 


Give yourself 1 point for box you checked as "True." 

_______ TOTAL SCORE (add up all  the "true" statements) 


10–12     You're definitely ready for a coach and for making big changes in your life. Ask your coach to challenge you to grow by making major requests! 

8-10       You're ready to begin coaching. Let's get started!

5-7         Coaching may be uncomfortable for you at this time. You will benefit from the coaching relationship to the extent that you are willing to grow and change, even when it may be inconvenient or painful.  

0-4                       You're not ready for an individual coach right now. Try tele-group coaching, seek professional help with some of the challenges you are facing, or come back when your circumstances are more conducive to you benefiting from coaching. 

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