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Books (authored):

  • MOTHERSTYLES: Using Personality Type To Parent From Your Strengths ,  coauthored with Janet Penley, Da Capo Lifelong Books (division of Perseus Group), published April 2006. Comment from a publisher: “This was the best book proposal to ever cross my desk.

  • ABUNDANT GIFTS: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions (Tyndale, hardback, November 1999; reissued October 2004 by New Hope Publishers). Though two agents told me “nobody is buying reprints,” I persuaded two publishers to make me an offer (other was Jossey-Bass, a division of John Wiley & Sons).

  • BEHIND THE STORIES: Christian Novelists Reveal the Heart in the Art of Their Writing ( Bethany, 2002). This book features 40 of the most influential fiction authors in the CBA. Telling other people’s stories clearly is the essence of this book.

  • KNOWING THE VOICE OF GOD: Discover God's Unique Language for You  (Zondervan, April 1996). 
  • A LIFE YOU CAN LOVE: A Guide for Discovering Your Personal Style and Designing Your Life around It (Zondervan, May 1995) 

  • DISCOVER YOUR BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE, coauthored with Richard Hagstrom (Zondervan/Campus Life Books, 1992). 
  • WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL, coauthored with Chris Lutes and Kris Bearss (Zondervan/Campus Life Books, 1991). 
  • THE CAMPUS LIFE GUIDE TO DATING (Zondervan/Campus Life Books, 1990). 
  • I.D. (Tyndale, 1987; rereleased by Zondervan/Campus Life Books as PERSONAL BEST, 1991.  
  • In addition, I worked on a number of other nonfiction projects, from contributing chapters to other books, to conducting phone interviews for case studies for Promise Keepers books, to contributing to notes and articles for various Bible projects. 

Books (edited):

  • BESIDE EVERY GREAT DAD, by Nancy Swihart and Ken Canfield (Tyndale, 1993). 
  • SNOW SWAN (1997) and CHINA  DOLL by Barbara Hicks (Multnomah, 1998). 
  • MOONGLOW (1997), PROMISES (1997) and MEMORIES by Peggy Darty (Multnomah, 1998). 
  • BRIDES OF THE WEST series by Lori Copeland (Tyndale):  FAITH (1998), winner of the 1999 Holt award, JUNE (1999), HOPE (Tyndale, 1999), and GLORY (2000), RUTH  (2002). 
  • GENESIS HOUSE series by Angela Benson (Tyndale): AWAKENING MERCY (2000), ABIDING HOPE (2001) 
  • HEAVENLY DAZE seris by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt (released 2001-2002, W Publishing), five books in all 
  • CHILD OF GRACE by Lori Copeland (Tyndale, 2001). 
  • CHRISTMAS VOWS $5 EXTRA by Lori Copeland (Tyndale, 2001) 
  • " FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY" novella by Terri Blackstock in the SWEET DELIGHTS anthology (Tyndale, 2001). 
  •  DEAR LOVE" and "FOR VARINA'S HEART" novellas in LETTERS FROM THE HEART anthology (Tyndale, 201). 
  • SANDPEBBLES by Patricia Hickman (W Publishing, 2002). 
  • Northern Intrigue series by Lyn Cote: WINTER’S SECRET (2001), AUTUMN’S SHADOW (Tyndale, 2002) 
  • ROSES WILL BLOOM AGAIN by Lori Copeland (Tyndale House, 2002), which hit the CBA best seller list in August 2002). 
  • DREAM OF FREEDOM by Michael Phillips (Tyndale, February, 2005) 
  • MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING by Maria Veloso (self-published, October 2005). 
  • HOW AM I SMART? by Dr. Kathy Koch (Moody Publishers, 2007) 
  • LATTER-DAY CIPHER by Latayne Scott (Moody Publishers, to be published 2009--fiction)

Books (Compiled):


Previously published articles:



·          50 feature articles on authors

·          43 “An Author Speaks” articles (ghost writing)

·          35 articles on fiction, ranging from practical issues such as how to start a reader’s group, to end times fiction and why it fascinates, to the responsibility writers and publishers of thrillers hold in an age of terrorism. Also includes what amounts to an apologetic for fiction, in articles such as “Why Read Christian Fiction?” and “What Makes a Novel Christian?”, articles on the power of fiction and standards of entertainment and the validity of inspirational romance. Also articles on how to use fiction as an outreach tool, exploring issues through fiction, and how writers see their fiction as a ministry.


ARTICLE TITLE             PUBLICATION                      DATE


“Christian Fiction Grows Up Moody magazine           Nov./Dec. 2002


"The Price of Silence"      Marriage Partnership        Winter, 1997


"Reason to Rejoice"     "Women" column, New Man   Mar/Apr. 1995


"Marriage Ain't

For Wimps"              Marriage Partnership              Spring 1994


"America's Most

 Frugal Couple"        Marriage Partnership                Fall 1993


"Should You Start

a Home-Based Business?"     F.E.M.A.L.E. Forum      Dec. '92


"How to Re-Enter

the Workforce"              F.E.M.A.L.E. Forum           Nov. 1992


"Keeping Current"          F.E.M.A.L.E. Forum            Sept 1992


"Forced to Choose"      Today's Christian Woman      Sept./Oct. '92


"What If ...?"             Marriage Partnership              Spring 1992


  "Back from the Brink

articles                      Marriage Partnership    Summer '91-Spring 1992


"Who Am I?"                Campus Life                     March 1992


"When Your               Today's Christian Woman     Sept./Oct. 1991

Husband Hates His



Several personal      Discipleship Journal              Issue 57, 1990



"Teen Suicide"    Journal of Christian Nursing         Fall, 1989

  (This was a reprint of a cover story for Christianity Today, March 10, 1987)


"Men In Search of Work"    Marriage Partnership     Winter 1990

  (This was the article that led to my book MEN IN SEARCH OF WORK AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. The article was written under a pseudonym, Cynthia Spence, and won Third Place in the General Category of that year's EPA Higher Goals awards.)


            These are some of the articles I wrote since I went freelance in 1991.  I have had more than 100 additional articles published previously, between 1985 and 1990, when I was an editor at Campus Life in addition to writing freelance articles. Many of these articles won Evangelical Press Association awards--at least seven in all.


Book Promotion


Trained by Alex Mandossian, inventor of the Ask-type Virtual Book Tour, I've conducted several Virtual Book Tours for authors and publishers, including best-selling authors (Dinesh D'Souza, George Barna). See www.virtualbooktourexpert.com for complete details.


INTERNET RADIO SHOW HOST: "Books 'n' Such" podcast with the Yaktivate radio network. www.reviewyak.com

Marketing Writing:



  • Web copywriting package  for Finding Mr. Right e-book product: web page, opt-in ad, 7 autoresponder e-mails (which included the “How to Find Mr. Right” e-course), order page, exit popup, thank-you page. www.howtofindmrright.com. Client comments: What a stunning job you’ve done. I’m deeply impressed by your writing talent … bordering on genius … I'd buy it [the product]. You’ve done an outstanding job of understanding what we do and more importantly, why I do it.” 
  • Direct mail package  for video set, sold to pastors/church leaders (mailed late 2004; remailed 6/2005). 
  • Email promotion  for American Writers and Artists Institute for their Freelance Writing Success in a Box product: web page, 7 auto-responder e-mails (ghost written under Bob Bly’s name), opt-in ad, promotional article/free report. 
  • Book club manager for publisher; wrote direct mail packages, increased book club membership by 47 percent. Managed lists, wrote brochure copy for the book club offerings (1980-1985). 
  • Co-produced the radio program  InterAction: interviewed authors, wrote the scripts for the announcer, edited the recording to fit a 5-minute, 5-day per week format. Great publicity for authors, had a built-in direct response mechanism (free book offering) to build mailing list. 
  • Managed  and wrote the fundraising direct mail campaigns to people who responded to the InterAction radio program. People heard the program, wrote in for the premium, and then got on our list to receive a series of letters to support the ministry that produced the radio show. (1978-1980) 
  • Space ads  for retreats. 
  • My own web sites:  


  • EDITOR/WRITER  of CONNECT, the HeartQuest e-mail newsletter (biweekly), and FICTION FIRST e-mail newsletter (biweekly). My client, Tyndale House Publishers, provided general editorial/marketing direction and I provided all copy. (2001-2003) 
  • WRITER  of FICTION FIRST (formerly THE PAGETURNER'S JOURNAL), published by Tyndale House Publishers (a 4-8-page special advertising piece on fiction that has appeared quarterly in Marriage Partnership and Today’s Christian Woman magazines, and now appears in each Today’s Christian Woman magazine). Objective was to make readers feel they “know” the author, and to educate them on the value of reading fiction in general, and the featured books in particular. Sales continued a steady climb starting the year this piece debuted (1992-2003). 
  • My own newsletters: www.WordsToProfit.com/newsletters.html . 



  • Press releases for a myself and a number of clients, including regular placement of articles for my church, which garner an 80-95 percent placement rate. 

 Copywriting/Publicity Credentials:

  • Certified Master of Web Copywriting by Maria Veloso, after completing her Web Copywriting University course (2005) 
  • Graduated from the American Writers and Artists (AWAI) Copywriting course (2004); currently enrolled in the Master’s course. 
  • Completed Paul Hartunian’s publicity course. Paul is the master publicity expert who literally “sold the Brooklyn Bridge” and has since taught how to garner millions of dollars of free advertising via publicity. 
  • Dan Kennedy training: Sales Letter Copywriting Workshop, Copywriting Teleseminar (4-hours of training for a limited number of people). 

 Positions held prior to freelancing

  • CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, Marriage Partnership magazine (1988-1992). 
  • ASSOCIATE EDITOR, Campus Life magazine, 1985-1990. 
  • BOOKCLUB MANAGER, InterVarsity Press, 1982-1985. 
  • CAMPUS DEPT. LIAISON, InterVarsity Press, 1980-1985. 
  • ASSISTANT PRODUCER, InterAction radio program, InterVarsity Press, 1978-1980. 


  • Graduated summa cum laude, University of Connecticut, 1978, with a B.A. in English. Chosen as University Scholar; elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 1977. 
  • One summer post-graduate work at the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Grand Forks, North Dakota (1981). 

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