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One of my goals in highlighting various resources for you is to give you things that will free you up to actually get your book or other information product done. Things that will save you time, or courses that will truly equip you to make a living from your book.


I recently took some time to evaluate what has made the most difference for me in terms of building my own information business.


One of the first things that came to mind is Simpleology.


I've brought Simpleology to your attention several times in the past. It is the brainchild of Mark Joyner, who is one of the true pioneers of Internet marketing. He's an innovative guy, and I admire him for that, even if sometimes I don't agree with him or, frankly, quite "get" him. (His Simpleology book, for instance, sometimes leaves me scratching my head.)


But Simpleology is brilliant, even though I think there are a few holes in some of it.  But hey, they're working on it, and what more can you ask than that?


Joyner calls Simpleology 101 "the simple science of getting what you want." This may sound selfish, but I'm sure that's how he feels he can sell it. I see Simpleology as a tool. Like any tool, it can be used and adapted to one's own purposes.


Simpleology is actually a brilliant combination of goal-setting, self-awareness training, time management, and self-discipline, all rolled into one rather simple approach. I think the principles are sound and can be used to achieve any goals (Joyner calls them "targets").


The five laws of Simpleology, the "scientific formula for success," the three sources of power, the Daily Target Praxis, and the two most important decisions of life are principles that have profoundly affected my whole life. These principles have even strengthened my parenting, as I teach my children to think in terms of, for instance, whether a given choice is going to bring them closer to or further from what they really want in life.


That's Simpleology 101, which is free. Yes, free. You invest a few minutes of time each day to watch an online video to learn the system (very entertaining, yet some of the exercises are actually profound, such as the "straight-line" approach you'll never forget). Then you learn the cornerstone of his system, the Daily Target Praxis. There are now online tools that, though not yet perfect in my view, truly do streamline the process.


I invite you to check it out for yourself. It's free. It could help you get far more done in less time, and focus you on your true goels, as it has done for me and several other friends who have also tried it out. One told me, as she was deciding on a job offer that would enable her to work from home, "I never could have worked from home before Simpleology. Now I know I'll be able to focus and get things done, even amid the distractions at home."


You need to start with Simpleology 101, which again, is free. Simpleology 102 and 103 are not free. However, I have used them and to me, they're worth the investment.


Simpleology 102 is "the simple science of money." It taught me to think in terms of systems. Joyner's definition of money changed my life: "Money is the direct result of the intelligent use of your Power (i.e.... Time and Energy)." I learned that some systems are more efficient than others, and that the system I had been using—depending on writing books alone to make a living—was a very inefficient system. The money generated by the amount of time and energy put in did not justify my continuing using that system.


This led to my learning how to create much better systems for communicating knowledge, for myself and my clients.


I now evaluate most of what I do in terms of how efficient it is as a system.


Simpleology 103 is "the simple science of energy." I have to say, I definitely have had more energy since I've put into practice the things I'm learning in S103, such as the various ways of decreasing distress and increasing eustress (good stress that strengthens).


Part of the genius of all the Simpleology programs is that Joyner breaks things down into very simple, very doable steps. His underlying philosophy, which he learned in the Army and you will learn in Simpleology 101, is that small, incremental steps over time yield big results.


That's what I've found true in my experiences with Simpleology. Sign up for Simpleology 101 and see if it's for you. If you like his approach, you might want to check out 102 and 103. As for the book … if you find you really like Mark Joyner, you will probably enjoy the Simpleology book. Don't rush out to get it now, though. Taste the free stuff and see if you like it.

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