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Two Ways to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site Quickly and Inexpensively

How can you create a web site easily and inexpensively and maintain it yourself easily and inexpensively?


In a prior Resource of the Week, I talked about how to get a domain name inexpensively, and a web hosting company from which you can do just about any Internet marketing task easily yourself (because of their great documentation and tools).


The next step is to set up your site--preferably so that you can maintain it yourself--easily and inexpensively.


There are two kinds of basic structures for your web site. One is a blog-type site, preferably using WordPress, the best blog platform out there. You can set up a blog site yourself on your own server. If you use ThirdSphere, the hosting company I recommend, there is a simple plug-in you choose from the "Snap-in Script Center." You just click the link for WordPress, then follow the setup procedures, and your blog will be installed instantly. You name it with the domain name you chose, and you have your web site up. From there you can look through the many WordPress templates available, find one you like, and with a click of your mouse you can install it easily. The beauty of WordPress is that maintaining it is as easy as working in your word processor.


WordPress is relatively easy to set up, as I said, but if you run into problems or need help setting it up, I highly recommend you contact Cathy Perkins, "the WordPress Wizard." She really is! She will get you up and running with a beautiful blog. Her email is cathy at thewordspresswizarad.com (replace "at" with @). Tell her Diane sent you so you get high priority.


Another approach is to create a customized web site yourself. Some people like using FrontPage or DreamWeaver software. I use a program called XSite Pro that I like very much. With XSite Pro, I can maintain my website myself, adding or deleting at will. The program is one-time expense of less than $200, and there is so much you can do with it. I'll let you go here to find out more. It has many amazing features, including tools to make sure the search engines will find you. I can literally set up a web site or page in minutes and upload it with a click of the mouse. Like the hosting company I recommend, the documentation is excellent.


With this software, I did need to find a web designer to create a logo and header. I used someone recommended to me from elance.com. If you want to find out who I used, you may contact me. If you already have a logo or header, you will not necessarily need a designer.


Again, it does not take much to set up a web site from which you can sell your information products, nor does it take an expensive web master or knowledge of html and other technical details to maintain it. At least the way I've done it, which is why I'm recommending these tools to you.


To recap your web site options:


1. Set up a WordPress blog. If you have a webmaster already, ask them to install WordPress. If not, you can try it yourself (if you use ThirdSphere or other host that uses the WordPress plug-in, it's really very easy). Or you can contact Cathy Perkins at theWordPress Wizard.com.


2. Set up a more traditional web site with software. I'm recommending XSite Pro for its remarkable array of features and ease of use for the initial investment. If you already have a logo and/or header, you won't need a designer. You will be able to plug that into the XSite Pro program and set your site up quickly.



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If this would interest you, please sign up to receive notification of when this course will be available. Signing up doesn't obligate you in any way, it will just give me an indication of your interest so I know whether this is something I should invest my time in sooner rather than later. Just click here to sign up.


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