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Radio Publicity Manual

For a brief time, Alex Carroll made available his new Radio Publicity Manual virtually for free. Though it's no longer free, if you're interested in radio publcity (a great way to sell books and get known, not to mention it being a steppingstone to bigger things, such as the big radio programs and television).

I met Alex a few years ago at a seminar before the Book Expo America in Los Angeles. I was impressed with what he knows about radio publicity. I love radio myself—it's so easy to do, and it doesn't matter what your hair looks like! Besides that, it's effective. One radio show I was on added more than 100 people to my list in one day.


Alex has poured his 15 years of experience being a guest on nearly 1,400 shows (and selling a quarter of a million books) into the new edition of his Radio Publicity Manual. It's truly the bible on the topic.


But don't just take my word for it ... get the Manual now and read it for yourself. (If you want to learn more about Alex himself, go here. However, make sure you click the link on this page to get his Manual; otherwise, you'll have to pay $39 and get the old Manual if you order through his page.)


I downloaded the new edition yesterday, and it is full of practical, tested tips. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to get radio hosts to book you on dozens of other shows (Alex once got Bob & Spike at KISW in Seattle to book him on 50 other radio shows in 3 days. He tells you exactly how he did it and how you can too.)
  • The 2 types of credentials ... and which one producers prefer virtually every time
  • The only time you should EVER call a producer before the show
  • Should your pitch be scripted? The answer may surprise you. The results will blow you away.
  • Three secrets to coming up with a really compelling "show pitch" that producers just can't say "no" to.
  • How long should your pitch be? Go over this magic number and the producer will either delete you ... or hang up on you.
  • The ONLY time you should ever call the host (instead of the producer)
  • All producers answer their phones ... if you know the secret to getting them to pick up. Alex been using this simple tactic for years, and it's one of the biggest secrets to his success.
  • E-mail blasts ... the only two occasions you should ever use them. Ignore this, and you could get black-listed forever. 
  • How to make your topic controversial (radio shows love controversy), even if it's soft and warm and fuzzy
  • How to piggy-back onto already popular guests ... and get booked on shows with them
  • The person at the radio station that you can actually call for help with your show pitch! (Hint: It's not the producer or the host.)
  • The one question to ask a producer that will virtually guarantee you a booking
  • The worst day of the week to do an interview, and how to avoid getting booked on it. (Hint: It's not Sunday ... or even Saturday.)
  • The best time of the hour to start your interview
  • The three months of the year that you should avoid doing any radio interviews at all ... and the shocking reason why (Hint: It's NOT summer.)
  • The secret to becoming a regular guest on a radio show
  • How to double the response to your interview by getting a producer to run "ads" for your interview ... before it even airs!
  • The secret to getting on a radio show that says they "don't take guests." (They all take "guests" ... you just have to know the secret)
  • In-studio radio interview? The 14 point check-list you must have
  • Two things you must do in the first 60 seconds of your interview (If you don't, your interview will tank)
  • Three secrets to lighting up the show's phone lines (They love this!)
  • How to deal with a really lame (inexperienced or stupid) radio host. Unfortunately, there's a few of them out there.
  • How you as the guest can actually "screen" the callers ahead of time and only take the ones you want (He's not kidding ... they will let you do this ... if you know how)
  • Three foolproof ways to compel the audience to buy your stuff, without sounding like an infomercial or even giving a sales pitch
  • The little-known secret to using radio interviews to promote really high-ticket (expensive) items
  • Three little words Alex uses to get people to order 5-10 books at a time ... and how you can do the same
  • Two common words you should never use in your website domain name (They can hurt the response to your interview a lot.)
  • The secret trick to getting radio hosts to replay your interview over and over again. (This little trick has resulted in countless thousands in extra sales for Alex.)
  • How to find someone cheap and reliable to do your fulfillment
  • The secret weapon Alex uses that allows him to do the work of 10 employees ... with no extra effort at all
  • How to get somebody else to book you on radio shows, without spending tens of thousands on a PR firm

I could go on … the Manual is 177 pages. No fluff. All meat. In fact, I've rarely found any other book that's as densely packed with practical, step-by-step usable content than Alex Carroll's Radio Publicity Manual.

Once you download the Manual, print it out. Then—use it!  When your DVD arrives, take a few moments to watch it and try to get on just one small radio show in your area. See how you like it. I think you'll find it quite worthwhile.

His ideas have worked for me....

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