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"Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets"

On Tuesday, June 5, I had the privilege of interviewing former acquisitions editor Terry Whalin on his new resource, "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets."


I interviewed Terry because I knew many people stumble over this crucial aspect of getting published, and Terry is one of the best experts available on how to write a rejection-proof proposal. Terry is the author of more than 60 books, including Book Proposals that Sell, as well as a former acquisitions editor who has seen, accepted, and rejected hundreds of book proposals. Twice in his career, he has written book proposals that received a six-figure advance.


Prior to this week's interview, we asked people to submit their burning questions about book proposals and how to get a publisher's attention. Here are some of the most common questions, which Terry answered in the interview:

  • What kind of person tends to successfully get published by traditional publishers?
  • What grabs your attention as an editor? What impresses you?
  • What should a person say in a query letter and/or proposal to make you want to keep reading the whole proposal?

  • What's the number one mistake that leads an editor (or agent) to reject a  proposal?
  • Is it more difficult to get an agent or to find a publisher
  • Does a person absolutely need an agent?
  • How do you get started?
  • At what point do you write a book proposal—before, during, or after the manuscript is written?
  • Are there any differences between a book proposal for fiction and nonfiction?
  • How important is a query and what should it include? Anything it should not include?
  • How can a first-time author break in?
  • Is there any way to find out what kinds of books publishers are looking for, or how to discern trends or anticipate what might be the next big thing?
  • Formatting issues: How long should a proposal be, should it be eye-catching or plain, does it help to send it FedEx or have colorful paper?
  • Is there any part of a book proposal that is most important, most crucial?
  • When you submit a book proposal to a publisher, how long do you wait to hear from them? Can you submit it at the same time to more than one publisher, or do you have to wait?

Even though we answered quite a few questions, as you can see, there are still many more that people asked—we received 260 questions!


To find out everything you need to know about book proposals and how to get published, Terry has put together "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets," an audio training in 3 CDs that represent more than three hours of solid content.


When you get "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets," you will have everything you need to know in order to prepare a killer book proposal that no editor will reject.


That's because, along with these more than 3 hours of solid content from Terry, you also get the following bonuses:

  •  A CD of Terry teaching BOOK PROPOSALS THAT SELL TELESEMINAR. Normally this CD alone retails for $97 yet you will receive it as FREE bonus with your order.
  • Terry includes a second hour-long Bonus CD: 21 SECRETS TO SELLING YOUR BOOK PROPOSAL. This CD is included in every order without additional charge.
  • Also you will receive the handouts from both of the above workshops including the web sites mentioned on the recording. You will easily learn the five ways to make your submission stand apart from anything else on the acquisitions editor's desk.

One thing I like about audio training is you won't have to leave home, pay airfare and other transportation costs, or for meals in order to learn. For a ridiculously low price—less than it would cost for one-way airfare to attend a writer's conference—you will receive the equivalent of a full-day workshop on book proposals from one of the country's leading book proposal experts.


You can listen and absorb this information at your own pace, and go over the material again and again.


But I haven't even told you the best part! Terry is making a special offer only to the first 12 people who get "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets":


Special Offer for the first 12 who order only:

Terry will go over your query and book proposal in a 40-minute, private phone consultation! He'll point out any weaknesses that may make an editor reject your submission, and show you exactly how to strengthen your proposal, point by point.


If you could see his desk and how swamped he is with manuscripts to look over, not to mention his own projects, you will understand how generous this offer is.


Those who do not make the list of the first 12 will be put on a standby list, in case someone doesn’t show up for his or her appointment. Also, if Terry again decides to make a similar offer, you will be the first to know about it. He promises!


(Even if you don't know if you're ready to write a book proposal, I encourage you to check out this resource. There is a guarantee, so if you later decide it's not for you, you can return it for a full refund.)


"As a successful author and acquisitions editor, Terry Whalin knows why some proposals bring publishers to attention and why others put publishers to sleep. Heed his advice and your next proposal just may be your break-through."

--Dan Benson, Editorial Director, NavPress


Please secure your copy of "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets" and your appointment with Terry for your book proposal audit. While you are waiting for the CDs to arrive in the mail, you can listen to the replay of the interview with Terry, and the free recording "Straight Talk from the Editor." I encourage you to take plenty of notes.


When you receive the CDs, listen to them carefully. Put together the best proposal you can, based on all the insider secrets you learn from Terry.


If you're one of the first 12, when your proposal is ready enough for an evaluation, you can send it to Terry and learn how to make it rejection-proof.


Even if you're not one of the first 12, remember—you'll be put on a standby list and may yet be able to secure your evaluation.  Terry's a generous guy who genuinely wants to help people get published—you never know what he'll do to help you.



"Terry Whalin provides a wealth of publishing experience in Editor Reveals Book Proposal  Secrets. It’s well worth the investment. You receive a true insider's viewpoint through stories or  mini case studies from his experience as an acquisitions editor. I found it a great help in thinking about what it takes to create a book that sells. It gave me a new respect for how difficult it is to make it in the publishing industry while reassuring me that I can do it. Writing a book is only part of the story, Terry reveals the rest.

--Paul R. Lloyd, Warrenville, Illinois




"Traditional publishing is shrouded with mystery. Terry Whalin peels back the curtain to give authors an inside look at what a writer needs to provide a publisher. Following his advice will give you the edge you need to create a slam dunk proposal!"

--Michael S. Hyatt, President of Thomas Nelson Publishers



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