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Need Help in Navigating the Rocky Waters of Writing, Publishing, and Promoting a Book?


 Here's How Book Coaching/Consulting Can Help You Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Successful Author ...


Yes, it can feel like a big, overwhelming task to write and publish a book.


Where do you start? How can you fit writing into your already packed schedule?


Or, what if you have a great idea for book, but you don't want to write it yourself? What are your options?


Then there's the whole issue of getting published. How do you know if your book is publishable? How do you know which publishing route is best for you? You look it up on the Internet, and you find companies that seem willing to publish you. They make all sorts of promises but ... you're not quite sure you can trust them. (Note: In many cases, you can't!)


It all feels so confusing, doesn't it?


Don't feel bad. It is confusing! It's not you. The world of publishing is changing fast, and there are many options.


Also, many opportunities to be "taken."


For instance, in doing research for his book, The Fine Print of Publishing, author Mark Levine submitted a manuscript (a book of poetry) by a "Jack Russell Terrier" (yes, a dog) to some of the publishers who claimed to be "selective." Almost every "selective" publisher accepted it!


Unfortunately, many publishers and individuals prey on the common and noble desire to write and publish a book. One woman wrote me from the UK saying that self-publishing bankrupted them. Another person called me and said she paid $$35,000 for 1000 books; now what?


Another elderly man, a missionary, was almost ready to plunk down $5,000 to publish his memoirs. I was able to help him preserve a chunk of his life savings.


It thrills me to empower people to foil the scammers. One of my passions and raison d'etre of being in business, is to make sure no one under my care falls prey to the publishing con artists.


"I reached a point last year after falling for so many copywriting and other writing scams that I began looking for the Trust Factor. I am making a list of people I find in this publishing and copy writing business stuff that pass my definition of the Trust Factor. I am proud to tell you that you passed. Your great caring attitude comes through."
--Barb Johnson , Ottawa, IL

So how can I help YOU?


First, start with the free stuff. (Of course!)


I invite you to submit any question you have about publishing. I answer them on my Your Book Publishing Coach blog and in my teleseminars. (If you're already receiving emails from me, you will get invitations to attend. Otherwise, simply sign up here. If you don't have a question, just write "none" in the question box.)


Because I answer several questions each month, it's quite possible that yours will be included. Also, you will hear other people's questions answered--which you might not have thought to ask! (If you have a question, ask it now.)


I also urge you to listen to my teleseminar on how to find your publishing path. There are three of them, rather distinct, and unless you understand which one you're on or want to be on, you may make costly mistakes in terms of time, money, and energy.


Second, you may tap into my expertise by setting up a consultation.


Consulting and Coaching


If you have a specific issue you want to address, we can always set up an individual consultation.


Consultations are especially good for authors who are already in the process of writing, publishing, or promoting a book, feel stuck somehow, and want some outside input and guidance.


Some of the things I can help you with in an individual consultation:

  • Overcome any hidden fears that are holding you back
  • Understand the real reasons you want to become an author (a crucial but often neglected step)
  • Get a clear idea of what your book is about (and tweak it if necessary to make it as marketable as possible)
  • Determine the best way--for you--to get your book written (there are four, two that probably never occurred to you)
  • Set up a workable and sustainable writing schedule--be productive even if you only have minutes a day
  • Overcome writer's block (using the tricks I have learned, I can honestly say I've never experienced writer's block for the past 25 years)
  • Learn to "seed" your mind so that you "write" while you're doing other things--even sleeping!
  • Choose the best path to get your book published (there are three good possibilities, one to avoid like bird flu)
  • Hire the right person to write the book for you, if you don't want to write it yourself
  • Find a top-quality agent (and determine if you need one in the first place)
  • Create a book proposal that will garner you a book contract and the best possible advance (remember, I've never not sold a book)
  • Avoid the traps of standard publishing contracts. Authors have signed away almost everything by not knowing what they're doing. (Even if you have a good agent, you can still lose out.)
  • If you already have a contract you're considering, I can look it over and tell you what it really says. (I have helped clients save thousands of dollars by not signing contracts that did not meet their true goals.) This is especially important if you're considering a self-publishing option.
  • Figure out the best way for you to get your book published and distributed, depending on your goals
  • Show you ways to create information products easily from what you already have on hand, to produce multiple streams of income and enhance your expertise
  • Help you develop your "platform" so you will become the recognized expert that can be readily published
  • Uncover new marketing channels and techniques that will sell more books
  • Guide you through the publicity process, so that you garner all the media attention you can (read: free advertising)
  • Open your eyes to lucrative channels for your writing that are brand new--finally, there are ways to make a good living writing (if you're willing to "think outside the box' '--and the book)

These are just some of the ways I can come alongside you, as your book publishing consultant.



"Most consultants are a one-note samba. Diane is the full orchestra...."
Pam Levin

Click to hear why Pam Levin feels Diane is "irreplaceable."

Pamela Levin, author of Perfect Bones and The Female Hormone Journey


By the way, if I'm not the best person to help you (I don't pretend to know everything), I've made it my business to know who are the reputable, top-notch experts in areas you'll need to know about, such as publicity, Internet marketing, self-publishing, speaking, media training. Believe me, if you make a mistake in any of these areas, it can cost you a fortune. I know whom to trust and whom to avoid.



"The best proposal this publisher had ever seen"

Janet Penley--author (with Diane Eble) of MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths

"Diane provided me with her tried-and-true outline for a preparing a book proposal and broke the project down into doable steps. She gave me assignments – writing the book overview, reviewing competitive books, and developing my platform – and then showed me what needed beefing up and where I needed to tone it down. She stressed the importance of breaking through the clutter of the highly competitive publishing industry with a good name, a well-written proposal, and sound marketing ideas. Her proposals have yielded a 100% success rate in selling book concepts, and every publisher who read our proposal commented on how impressive and well articulated it was. In fact, one editor said it was the best she’d ever seen!"

--Janet Penley, author (with Diane Eble as collaborator) of MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2006)



To set up a consultation, send an email to   with "consulting" in the subject line. Include in your email what kind of issue you would like help with, and times that would work for you. I will send information on my fees and availability, and we'll set up a time.


How Book Coaching Works ...


By now you're probably wondering, "What about book coaching? What's the difference between coaching and consulting, what does coaching entail and how much is it?"


First, let me make an important distinction.


While book consulting is more about assisting you with a specific issue, book coaching is a process that takes you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to go) in a step-by-step manner.


So, if your goal is to write a book, you will want to commit to the long-term process of writing your book.


I will show you the best way to write, publish and promote your book:

  • the most efficient way to start your book. (Most authors start exactly backwards, wasting lots of time and money, and often not achieving the success they desire.)
  • the most enjoyable way to write your book (because we will start with your strengths, right off the bat).
  • the quickest way to get your book done. (These techniques will turn you into a more prolific writer than you dreamed possible.)
  • the best way to publish your book. (What you will learn here can literally save you thousands of dollars, because this is the point where most authors make the costliest mistakes.)
  • the most effective way to market your book. (With my approach, you will start making money from your book--even before it's published! You will be building your platform along the way and monetizing your expertise, which will open all kinds of doors, including possibly landing a great publishing contract.)

Coaching involves a program that is more long-term. It's a commitment of time and money you will make because you want to achieve your goal.


If you are considering book coaching, I invite you to take these four simple steps.


1. Take the assessment, "Are you ready for a book coach?" It's quick and simple, but it will help you determine whether book coaching is right for you at this time.


2. Read through the FAQ about Book Coaching/Consulting. If you still have questions, feel free to send me an email:

. Be sure to include your phone number and a good time to reach you so I can follow up.


3. Get your first coaching session. I wrote an eBook called "Write Your Book Right: 12 Questions Successful Authors Always Answer" specifically to get people started in the most effective way possible. (Ideally, you should answer these questions before you write your first word.) With this resource, you will lay the groundwork for writing a successful book.


It's the step I strongly urge everyone to take who wants me to coach them, because it's the quickest, most effective way to get started. Plus, you get your first coaching session at a big discount. 



"Please -- before you write your book, before you send your proposal on to people like me, you MUST read -- and honestly answer -- the questions in Diane Eble's 'Write Your Book Right" eBook.
"Diane knows publishing from the inside out. She knows how we think and how the business works. And she wants to help you succeed! So do yourself ... and us publishers ... a big favor and get 'Write Your Book Right'!"

-- Betsey Newenhuyse
Director of Editorial Production, Moody Publishers

Get the details here.

4. Send me an email with your specific needs: . You may order 30 minutes of coaching/consulting or 60 minutes.

I hope that, one way or another, I will be able to assist you in fulfilling  your dream of becoming a published and successful author. I want to help you become well heard and well paid for what you know and love to do.

That is my goal for you!

To your success as an author,

Diane Eble

Watch Diane suggest how to get the most out of your visit here.


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