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5 Reasons to Do Teleseminars

(Whether Your Book is Published or Not Yet)

by Diane Eble

One of the cornerstones of what I’m calling "new era publishing" is that technology makes it possible to deliver your message in any number of ways.


A book is no longer the only way to reach the people who want and need to hear your message.


In fact, a book is one of the least profitable ways. Becoming the author of a book still carries a great deal of prestige, and I don't want to minimize that.


As an author and publishing coach, however, I am very excited about another way authors can get their message out: teleseminars.


What is a teleseminar? It's simply you sharing your message over the telephone, via a "bridge line" which allows many people to call in the same number at once. You deliver your message one time, to many people, all at once.


That's it! Very simple, yet powerful. In fact, I've uncovered 5 great advantages of using teleseminars to expand the reach of your message (whether your book is published yet or not).


5 Good Reasons to Do Teleseminars


1. Easy and inexpensive. You can do a teleseminar any time, from any place you can use a telephone. I've listened to teleseminars that the speaker has done from a hospital room, a hotel room, a truck stop, an airport, even a closet using a cell phone, when the power went out! For myself, I do them in my home office, with a land line (corded) phone. Nobody sees me-- I can wear whatever I want—pajamas, shorts and T-shirt. (No "bad hair day" with a Virtual Book Tour!)


Furthermore, you don't need any special equipment—just a voice, a message, and a telephone. No medium is easier to use than a telephone. You can set up an account at several excellent bridge lines at no charge. No startup costs, folks!


2. Teleseminars help you build a highly responsive following quickly. Roy Williams, the advertising wizard, said, "If you want to persuade people, use the human voice." Teleseminars add what teleseminar specialist Alex Mandossian calls "marketing intimacy." When people hear your voice, they feel as if they know you, much more than if they just read your words on paper. They hear the inflections in your voice, the passion you have for your subject, the caring you have for them. They are much more likely to get to the "know, like and trust" stage, which is where they need to be to spend money on you.


3.  It may be the easiest, fastest way to write your book. Many people find it easier to speak than to write. If this is you, teleseminars can be a great way to get you to "write" your book—at the speed of sound! Just speak your message, have it transcribed, and then edit. If you like to write first, you can do that, and then give your teleseminar from your notes. Either way, you expand your reach.


4. Your teleseminars can be the basis of products with high perceived value and high profit margins. People are conditioned to pay  no more than $20 or so for a book. (And you only get $2-15 per book, depending on how you publish.) However, they might pay $200 for the same essential information, packaged differently--say, a home study course. It might consist of several audio CDs (which come from the recorded teleseminars) with a workbook (which you create from the study guides to your teleseminars).


5. You can do it once, and market/sell it forever. Once you do a teleseminar, you can repurpose the content into all kinds of other products you can use to sell and/or market other things. You can use the teleseminar as a bonus for if people buy your book (or vice versa!). You can bundle several teleseminars together into an audio course, repurpose it into an ecourse, or an ebook, or any number of products. You can chop it up and deliver weekly audio postcards that train or coach people in your area of expertise.


I hope you'll investigate this medium further. It just may become the "sweet spot" where your message makes a great difference to many people you wouldn't otherwise reach ...  and prospers you as well.


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