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According to a survey by USA Today and the Association of American Publishers, 82 percent of all Americans plan to write a book someday.

"Do You Have a Book Burning Inside You?"


Take Your First Step toward Getting Your Book Out of Your Heart and Into the World ...

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by Diane Eble, author, editor, copywriter, and CEO of Words to Profit

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 You're a coach, entrepreneur or business person who wants to establish yourself as a leading expert in your field by publishing a book and/or articles and getting publicity. You want your book to be your ticket to business coming to you, and the ability to command higher fees because you are clearly the leading expert.


You're a speaker who wants to publish a book to boost your credibility, command higher fees and develop an extra stream of easy income through book sales.


 You're a writer--or an aspiring writer--who wants to change the world through a message only you can tell. You're interested in knowing the quickest way to getting your book written and published, and in finding out how to market it and turn it into a best seller.


 You're a writer who is already published--but you're not making enough money at it. You want to know how to earn more money--even become wealthy--through your writing.


If you checked one or more boxes above, then you've come to the right place. I offer resources to help you in all of these areas. The exciting thing is, you don't have to wait one minute more to begin your dream.


Are you prepared to take one tiny step toward starting your book today, if only someone who "knows the ropes" could show you exactly how? If yes, then please read every word of this article


This is, in essence, your first coaching session in becoming a successful author.


If you do this and take two simple action steps, I promise that you can begin your journey toward becoming a successful author, starting today.



"A Born Book Coach"

Jenet Penley, author (with Diane Eble as collaborator) of MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths

“Diane is a born book coach --although it’s taken her nearly 30 years to realize it! It’s an ideal application of her experience and her natural strengths. I worked hard on my book, but she was involved every step of the way--guiding the project along, being responsive, and helping me solve problems as they arose. Now, two years from the day I enlisted Diane, our book project is finished and on the bookstore shelves.

--Janet Penley, author (with Diane Eble) of MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2006)



What 32 Years in Publishing Can Do For You



Diane Eble, publishing coach and conusltantMy name is Diane Eble. I've been in publishing for some 32 years as an author (11 books and hundreds of articles, some ghost-written), an editor (magazines and books, fiction and nonfiction), and copywriter.


In fact, it was in reviewing my life (as one tends to do in midlife) that I realized I have a unique breadth of experience and set of skills very few people possess. This led to my present sense of "calling" --a burning desire to use all that I know about publishing to help people like you get that book idea out of your head and into the world, where it can bless others and earn you the recognition, prestige, and income that comes from being a published and successful author.


I've sold 11 out of 11 books proposed to publishing houses--that is, I've never had a book rejected when I've used my proprietary book proposal outline. I've also published more than 500 articles, online and offline (some of them ghost written), and have had only two articles rejected in my entire career. Copywriting, publicity, Virtual Book Tours and Internet marketing round out my toolkit of skills that will equip you to not only get published, but know how to successfully promote, publicize and sell your book.


In the 12 years I worked for a publisher as writer/editor for a promotional piece on fiction, I interviewed dozens of best-selling authors on their writing experiences. I gleaned tips only the pros know about how to stay productive as a writer and create success as an author (two different things). In fact, those relationships led to my book, Behind the Stories: Christian Novelists Reveal the Heart in the Art of Their Writing.


I say all this only to let you know that I have the experience to back up my passion to connect you with the knowledge, people and resources to get your book written, published, and successfully promoted. 


"Most consultants are a one-note samba. Diane is the full symphony...."

Pam Levin, The Nourishing Company

Click to hear the whole message.

Pamela Levin, author of  Perfect Bones and  The Female Hormone Journey


 Publishing Can be a Daunting Process ...


So how can you begin? Isn't writing and publishing a book a rather complicated, daunting process?


Yes, it is. If it weren't, you'd probably have your book written and published by now, right?


In fact, why not take a moment right now to jot down what has held you back so far? (Don't worry--no one will see what you write.) In a moment, you will see why I ask you to do this, and how doing this will actually be the first step toward writing your book.


Go ahead--write down in the box below whatever has kept you from starting the book that's burning inside you.


What’s held you back from starting your book?

Type your answer into the box below (no one will see this but you).


Congratulations! You have just taken your first step toward writing your book.


Here's why. When beginning any endeavor, knowing your starting point is always the first step. You have now identified what has held you back so far. In a moment, I'll show you how to turn that into an action step that will essentially launch you on your way toward getting your book started.


Now, let's look at why I'm so excited about the state of publishing today that I can practically guarantee you can get your book written and published, easier and faster than you thought possible--if you are willing to do your part, of course.


The Bad and Good News about Publishing Today


This is a very interesting time to write and publish.


In some ways, it's even more complicated and daunting now than ever to publish a book--at least in terms of traditional publishing. Many books are being published, but unless you have a strong "platform"--unless you're already a huge success in your field--it's harder than ever to attract a good agent, let alone a publisher.


At the same time, technology has made it possible and affordable for almost anyone to get published, and also to make money at it.


We live in an amazing time, and I'm convinced that no time is better than now to move your book idea from dream to reality.


But don't let anyone fool you: Writing a book, and successfully publishing and selling it, is a huge undertaking. Depending on your goals, it can either supplement your current income as a (rather large) side project, or it can become a whole new career direction.


I would like to be your guide on your publishing journey. The person who, having gone on before you, can show you the potholes to avoid, the side streets that look so enticing but turn out to be dead ends, the landmines to navigate around lest all your hard work be blown to bits. (Sadly, publishing is full of war stories.)


"Thanks, Diane, for following up on information to help me get this book done efficiently. I am amazed at your ability to gather information on so many different fronts, such as contract issues, tools of the trade and the costs of doing business. You're one of those rare talents who has both sides of the brain fully developed!"

--Marian Liautaud, collaborator/ghostwriter for Saving Levi (Focus on the Family, 2007)


Let me pass on what I've learned all these years as an author, editor, and marketer, to help YOU share your message with the world and take your life, career, and/or business to the next level.


I want to save you years of trial, error, frustration and wasted money, and pave the way to garnering the income and recognition you've always longed for as an published author.


You've dreamed long enough about publishing a book. It's time to take action!


Henry David Thoreau wrote:


"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."


You have a "song" inside you, a book crying out to be born into the world ...

  • a unique story to tell 
  • valuable advice to pass on to help people 
  • principles that are near and dear to your heart that will make a difference in people's lives 
  • knowledge gained in the "school of hard knocks" 

Now it's time to start the birth process.


How to Get Your Book Started Today


I promised at the beginning of this article to equip you to begin writing your book today. I'm about to make good on my promise.


There are just two simple action steps I want you to take right now.


Action Step #1.  Subscribe to the Publishing Coach Weekly newsletter.

Every week I publish at least one original article or blog post that gives you a fresh, insider tips on writing and publishing that you won't get anywhere else. Some are posted at www.PublishingCoachWeekly.com, many are on the Your Book Publishing Coach blog. These resources will give you:

  • writing tips from published, successful authors 
  • publishing tips from publishing insiders such as agents and editors
  • research tips that will help you stay ahead of your competition
  • marketing tips that you never heard of
  • notices of teleseminars and conferences targeted specifically to your concerns 
  • ways to make your material work harder for you and make you more money 
  • secrets of Internet marketing that will amaze you (for how simple and effective they are) and add to your bank account 

In addition to all the great information you receive in each email, when you subscribe you will automatically receive something else I think you will like.

No doubt you have lots of questions about publishing. When you subscribe to the "Your Book Publishing Coach" newsletter, in your welcome email message, you will receive a link to the FREE downloadable audio recording of an interview I did with Jill Koenig, the Goal Guru, on book publishing. In that interview I answered many of the questions people have been asking, plus many more, about the complex world of book publishing.

Questions such as:

  • If 82 percent of Americans say they want to write a book, what holds them back?
  • Are there good and bad reasons for wanting to publish a book?
  • How difficult is it to get published?
  • How can a person know the best way to be published?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people who want to write a book make?
  • What are some of the publishing pitfalls to avoid?
  • What does book coaching look like?
  • What do editors look for in a publishable manuscript?
  • Why is a book proposal so important and what should go into it?
  • What if I don't want to write the book myself? What are my options?
  • Can a person really get rich from publishing a book?
  • How can someone get started writing a book?

Finally, when you subscribe you will receive invitations to Publishing Coach teleseminars in which I answer questions asked ahead of time and on the call (when there's time).

These calls are invaluable, amounting to free coaching sessions. Often I'll answer questions, offer a tip on writing, publishing, marketing or promoting a book, and share resources that apply to the content of the call. I hope you will ask your questions and schedule me into your week, whether it's the live call or the replay.

Finally, you'll also gain access, usually through teleseminars, to publishing professionals you won't otherwise be able to reach:

  • editors who will tell you what they look for in a book proposal 
  • other authors who have "cracked the code" of book marketing in some way
  • professionals who will help you with various aspects of self-publishing 
  • other experts who can help you do the things that can make or break your success, such as setting up an effective blog, writing Small Reports, article marketing, etc.
  • publcity experts who can tell you the secrets of getting media attention 
  • best-selling authors who will share their writing tips

All these things will connect you with the knowledge, people and resources for you to "be well heard and well paid for what you know and love to do."

I want my words to profit you, so that your words will in turn profit you, your business, your clients/customers/readers and yes, the world! That is my goal and vision, and I hope you share it.

Enter your name and email below to get your free articles, audio interview, and access to publishing professionals:

Yes, Diane, please sign me up for the Publishing Coach Weeky newsletter with publishing insider's tips on writing, publishing and selling books, invitations to free coaching sessions, PLUS the downloadable MP3 audio interview on publishing that will answer frequently asked questions about publishing.



Note: I hate spam and I cherish people who sign up for my newsletter. I will never share, rent or sell your name to anyone.


Action Step #2. Get your questions answered.

Remember how I told you that writing down what's held you back can be turned into an action step to launch you into writing your book? Here's how: Turn that issue into a question, and send it to me right now. You will get to hear (or read) my answers, free of charge!


For instance, if your issue was, "I haven't been able to find the time to write," then turn that into the question, "How can I find time in my busy schedule to write?"


If you wrote that you have a manuscript actually written, but don't know how to go about getting it published, send me a question about how to get an already-written manuscript published.


Once you figure out what you want to ask, simply go to my "Ask Your Book Publishing Coach" page. There you can ask your question and get the information on when the next teleseminar will be in which I'll answer your question, among others. You will also get access to past telsememinars.


These teleseminars amount to free group coaching calls. You will not only get to hear the answers to your own questions, but questions others aasked that may not occur to you now.


These two steps--subscribing to the newsletter and blog, and asking your questions and getting free coaching on writing, publishing, and promoting a book from the teleseminars--will begin your education in what it takes to become a successful author. It will give you a way to "dip your foot into the water" and get a sense of what I'm all about, and what it might take to publish and sell your book.


   Let Your Words Begin to Profit You and the World Now


There is power in words. Think, for instance, about the title of Robert Ringer's book: Action--Nothing Happens Until Something Moves. Isn't that a meditation in itself? The title is a quote from Albert Einstein, who you might say knew a little bit about how the universe works. These few words have done much to galvanize me to action when I find myself dragging my feet.


Your words also carry power. When you write your book, your words will profit your own soul, through the satisfaction of finally "singing your song."


Your words will profit your industry, clients or customers, as you make your special knowledge accessible to others who are hungry to benefit by it.


Indeed, your words will profit the world--bringing your unique vision to thousands, perhaps even millions of people.


All it takes is that first step.Check out the back issues of the newsletters and the blog first, if you like. But then, be sure to sign up! In seconds, you will have taken your first step toward getting your book out of your head and into the world.


I will lead you the rest of the way, simple step by simple step. If at any point along the way you decide you don't want to continue the journey, you may of course step off the path and unsubscribe.


Let's get your book rolling!


To your success as an author,


Diane Eble


P.S. Remember, these free resources will provide information only a publishing veteran with tons of contacts in the publishing industry can provide. All you need to do is take that first step and sign up. Your path to being a published, successful author starts now!



"Diane knows publishing ... wonderful to work with."

Lori Copeland, bestselling author"Diane worked with me on several of my books, which turned out to be best sellers and have won numerous awards. I always find her input invaluable. She not only helps me shape my manuscripts, she's great at putting together book proposals that sell publishers on an idea. She also helped me come up with a whole new fiction series I'm excited about; without her input I'm not sure I would have even thought of that direction. Diane knows publishing, she knows a lot of people, and she's wonderful to work with--so encouraging. Yet she's also honest and realistic, and won't steer you in a direction that doesn't fit who you are."

--Lori Copeland, author of 93 books, the latest of which is the fourth book of best-selling Men of the Saddle series, The Plainsman.


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